Wholistic Treatments

Usually when a person is experiencing a physical challenge the first instinct and the most obvious thing to do is to treat the symptoms.  There might be a direct topical solution applied to the area, or any number of hot/cold treatments leading to internal pain relief  medication in extreme or persistent issues.  

In cases such as surgery a certain amount of pain, discomfort and healing is expected and the treatments work around specific expectations based on age of the patient or the seriousness of the procedure. 

The usual focus of the treatment is to MANAGE the pain.  The patient is EXPECTED to go through a certain amount of pain. Unfortunately being in pain can slow down the progress of healing. Medication can only do so much.

In the first 10 minutes of a Wholistic healing Session the a patients Pain is reduced tremendously therefore assisting the patient in healing much faster then if they had not received a treatment.  A gentle touch technique is used on points specific to the injured area. Also where required Lymphatic Drainage Massage greatly assists healing by removing the great amount of fluid that is trapped around the injury or surgically invaded area. The combination of the 2 techniques creates amazing healing results.

A Wholistic Healing Session is designed to assist a someone who experienced trauma or surgery to heal incredibly faster then usually expected by encompassing and treating 3 important areas of the patient:

PHYSICALLY - The primary focus is to calm the nervous system.  Restore calmness and balance to the nerves effected as well as the whole body so that the pain stimulus lessens.  This results in quicker de-inflammation of the area that was injured or had surgery.  When nerve endings  have been restored to there normal function the body quickly drains the fluids that can slow down healing. Even though you might believe  its natural to have inflammation it is totally possible to reduce it quickly and naturally. Adding Lymphatic Drainage Massage guarantees relief from inflammation. 2 quick and natural techniques create results.

EMOTIONALLY -  When a person feels calmer and more balanced after a trauma they can sleep deeper which facilitates faster healing.

MENTALLY - Addressing the physical and emotional trauma adds to a better stronger mindset to perform the necessary post trauma treatments as the feeling of peace and success which contributes to the healing process. Patients are encouraged
to view the surgery as a successful procedure, and will have continued confidence in their surgeon, and to follow post-surgical instructions.

Working with the WHOLE Patient addresses many issues and can rule out a poor recovery. You can see how this would greatly benefit seniors who might be overly stressed by an invasive procedure.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The body contains a very important Passive Circulation System.   The Lymphatic Systems main role is to protect your system from cellular debris and excess protein that floats around in the interstitial tissue and help balances the fluids so you don't swell up on a regular basis. It is considered 'passive' because it doesn't have a pump helping it do it's work by moving the fluids along. It relies on it's person being active, moving their arms an legs on a regular basis.  It happens usually through accidents, traumas, and surgeries that the Lymphatic System can get overwhelmed.  The injury or surgery can shock and cut off the function of the Lymph system.

Lymphatic drainage massage keeps the fluids from building up in the area letting the body expend more energy on healing now that it's not drowned in fluids.  It involves a very gentle touch, and you can see results with in the hour.  It is a systematic treatment that goes with the flow.  It is amazing how it can cut healing time in half.  It is most important to get some Lymphatic Drainage work done soon after surgery.  The quicker the flow is restored the more relieved the individual feels which also promotes healing.


So I was riding my 10-speed bike home after a 15 mile trip. There was a small curb ahead so I hopped the front wheel up so that it would not impact the curb and get damaged. To my surprise the front wheel came off. I had no chance of un-locking my feet from my pedals and flew over the handle bars, landing on my head. My helmet absorb most of the impact but a lot of the force was transmitted down my neck. After a few minutes I unlatched my feet and moved the bicycle off. After several more minutes, the bleeding from my chin had stopped enough for me to limp home.
I did not black out but my chin and neck hurt. My helmet was ruined. I still have the scar on my chin.
The next day my neck was stiff, swollen and in pain. It hurt even more when I tried to raise my head. I knew that my masseuse had taken a lymph drainage class so I called her up to work on my neck. Francesca took most of the pain and stiffness away which allowed me sit and stand comfortably. The way she drained the swelling from my neck and face was something I had never experienced before. Two days later I called her again for a second treatment since her first treatment had been so effective. With in 48 hours all I had was some scabs on my cheek.
Francesca saved me from having to suffer most of the pain. She also shortened my recovery time by more than half. Still, I will be much more careful in maintaining my bicycle.
Paul V.  San Diego


One of the results of aging is the 'relaxing' of the skin of the face.  This happens because of the collagen breaking down over time so it is no longer is plump and firm under the skin.  Amazingly with a combination of massage strokes, a special natural product that exercises the skin, AND a little electronic item from Nu Face, you can re - plump your skin, reduce lines, tighten and firm facial tissue.

The included neck and scalp massage also helps sooth and relax you. You'll notice a more younger youthful looking refreshed you.