I am an avid lover of massages and have had many at spas and other locations over the years. I met Francesca at a Spa downtown in San Diego. The receptionist told me that she was very good at "energy" healing alongside her massage, which was intriguing to me. I found her to be kind, gentle, but also very strong and effective in her technique of looking at my body's alignment and tense areas. As well, she works to balance out my energetic body, which is, I'll admit, somewhat unconventional, but she talks you through that process as she does it and I believe is an incredible plus to the process.

As a massage therapist, she is top notch, and the only person in San Diego I've found to truly be effective. I have a stressful job, and am very active so have at times had injuries and muscle tension, and her techniques have helped tremendously for both of those aspects. I absolutely recommend Francesca and would be glad to provide referrals to anyone if interested.

Alysia J, phd

 I suffer from a condition known as Adult-Onset Asthma, and consequently, when I get a virus or a cold, it hits me much harder than most people.

Recently, I got a chest cold, and with it, had substantial lung congestion, which resulted in virtually constant coughing as my body attempted to clear my lung passages.  Because of the coughing, for two weeks straight I was unable to get more than a few hours of sleep each night, which delayed my recovery.  My lung congestion and coughing was so persistent that I cancelled one of my regularly-scheduled massage appointments with Francesca for fear that I would make her sick, too.

After the second week of limited sleep, because my energy level was so low, and because the lack of energy was keeping me from getting better, I did ask Francesca if she could perform a customized combination massage/energy session, based on the specifics of my situation.  Francesca asked me a variety of detailed questions, and then started the session, which was quite different from any that Francesca had performed previously.

Following the session, beginning that night (and for every night since) I have been able to sleep all night long.  Now that I am getting the necessary rest, I have been making significant progress on my recovery, and my lung congestion is almost completely gone."

S . Beary

I had a very emotional 3 months with the death of my husband and 2 others.  I was traveling to San Francisco and stayed in San Diego.  My lower back and knee was extremely uncomfortable and painful.  I was referred to Francesca and had her come give me a treatment . I'm not certain how long it took but the back was feeling so much better I could roll over much easier. The  knee also was quite relieved from pain.  I was more confident I would have an easier trip back out to Virginia the next day.  With out the use of a Wheel chair at the airport     Mary  M.  Va

Francesca has been my massage therapist for 14 years during that time she has occasionally also used the Wholistic Healing technique during a session.  One particular time when a few days before our session I took a baseball in the head, she did mostly WH touch on me.   I could definitely say I felt a difference from the uncomfortable headache  lack of focus I was feeling also from the good size bump on my head that the WH work did wonders.  I was amazed and relieved of so much just in that one session.  The next day I was 90% healed just a sore spot remained.  We are still continuing our sessions I really appreciate her work.   Steve  E.  San Diego
Three months ago, I fell and broke my right wrist. I needed surgery to repair it with a rod and 4 pins.  I have been seeing Francesca for years, she has been doing massages on me regularly.  Ten weeks after surgery, it was time to go see her.  My wrist was getting better but was feeling very swollen.  As she was doing the massage she came to my wrist wrist and said that it was feeling very hot and felt that the energy flow was restricted.  I told her it felt very swollen and over time, the Dr. said it would eventually get better.   At this point she did her 'thing'  to release the energy so the circulation would flow better and heal faster.      I don't know exactly how she did it but later that day my wrist felt amazing.   It felt less swollen and the movement in my hand improved so much.    Three weeks later I went back for another massage appointment and when she came to my wrist she stated again it felt a little warm.   Francesca did her 'thing' like the last time and later that day it felt so much better.    I could move my hand with much more ease.  The feeling of "swelling" were lessened.     Hopefully I won't have another injury like that but if I do I won't wait  10  weeks to see her, I'll definitely be there much sooner.  Francesca really helped with the healing.
Mary B.     La Mesa, Ca
I am very grateful to Francesca and her healing talents. The benefits are real and provide me with such an uplifting feeling after my session. It feels like a weight has been lifted from my mind, body and soul. I have known Francesca for over 20 years and her healing sessions have really advanced over the years due to her dedication to this healing art. I know some of my friends who are on medication to get the release I receive from these powerful sessions. At the age of 54 I am still not taking any medications only massage, essential oils and my energy clearing sessions are getting me through a very stressful job and a challenging home life. I will keep these sessions as part of my healing modalities for my overall health and well being right into my old age. 
Thank you Francesca for your loving support all these years * you will always be my earth angel.     Love, D.     El Cahon Ca