Francesca Siciliano left NY in 1989, looking to learn a great deal more about health, fitness and healing. After being a Fitness Program Director at a YMCA for several years she wanted to go more personal and deeper in helping people be healthy.
She enrolled in a 1,000 hour Holistic Health Practitioner program in California  and so the journey began with the physical body being the focal point of healing through various techniques through touch therapies.
As time went on in  San Diego, Francesca amassed a tremendous amount of CEU's in an extreme variety of healing modalities, many of which were not mainstream, such as Matrix Energetics  Healing Touch, Reconnection Healing  etc, etc..

 The decision came to focus on using the modality of  Wholisic Healing, after noticing that the work was mostly needed to heal many issues and took  time away from the massage session. This is a unique and ever evolving technique that adjusts it's self to what the client  needs within the session. Learning various techniques sensitized Francesca in understanding a patients needs. Reducing the clients pain became the focal point and she is extremely successful in facilitating almost immediate relief.